Saturday, July 7, 2012

White Rotary Sewing Machine

This is a White Rotary Sewing Machine. The White Sewing Machine Company was founded in 1858 in Massachusetts by Thomas H. White. It was founded as the White Manufacturing Company, It later took the White Sewing Machine Company name when it was incorporated in 1876. The same family also, owns the White Motor Company. Sewing machines made by the White Sewing Machine Company were built inside of tables so that they could be used as a table or a sewing station. Most sewing tables sell for $150 while White Sewing Machine Company sewing machines sell for about $175.


  1. I have this exact same machine. Would this machine appreciate in value if I hold on to it, or would it be all right to sell it now? Where would I go to get the best price for my White Rotary sewing machine in the table?

    Thanks -

  2. To Monique Liddle -
    This sewing machine has been in my family for a really long time and probably has more sentimental value than realistic market value. If you were to hold on to yours and keep it in the family the sentimental value would go up but that does not always mean the market value will follow. Say you have an antique jewelry box the market value today might be $50 but if you kept it in the family for another 1 or 2 generations the value may only be $30 since their are less people interested in antiques as technology replaces them. So if you are seriously interested in selling your sewing machine I would bring it to a community or family trusted antique store or pawn shop. When selling an antique remember that your buyer is going to offer you less then market value so he or she can make money when they sell it. If it becomes difficult to sell you may want to list it on an online sign such as or You probably shouldn't sell it to a pawn shop that is more interested in laptops and computer games than antiques. An antique store that sells collectables and old antiques is probably your best bet. Remember sometimes sentimental value is stronger than the value everyone else gives it.

    Good Luck,