Friday, September 28, 2012

Kewpie Angel Babies

If you want to see something adorable look no further than the adorable Kewpie Angel Babies. Kewpie Angel Babies are surely the cutest babies ever with their adorable expressions and cute poses. They were first produced in 1913 in Germany and eventually found there way to the U.S.A. They are based on the comic strip illustrations by Rose O'Neill from the Ladies' Home Journal paper in 1909. They usually sell for around $20-30 a piece. 

Faux Ivory Crochet Needle Case

This is a fake ivory crochet needle case. Dragons circle around it as well as flowers and butterflies. The top unscrews where the needle goes in. I'm pretty sure the needle is original to the case. Recently, one exactly like this sold on for $90.00.

Glass Ekenas Eggs

Sweden has been know for its fine glass artwork since the 1700s. During that time two great Swedish glass factories Orrefors and Kosta Boda were founded. Ekenas Glass was founded by R Stähl and Hjalmar Stähl in 1917. Both R Stähl and Hjalmar Stähl were originally from Orrefors. The company was under the power of Sven Westburg from 1922 until his death in 1962. Eventually, in 1976 Ekenas went out of business. Their amazing craftsmanship and art is still studied by glassblowers and artists today.

This is a glass egg made by Ekenas sometime before 1976. It shows two girls in a sitting position, facing each other. Each girl has a long braid down their backs with a large bow at the end. They usually sell for around $20-30 depending on condition. The condition depends on the amount of chips, cracks, etc.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kosta Glass Pear Shaped Perfume Bottle

This is a Kosta Glass Pear Shaped Perfume Bottle. It was made by Kosta. Kosta is a glass company in Sweden. Kosta has been making perfume bottles and other glass products since 1742. This pear shaped perfume bottle was made in the 1950s. Recently a Kosta Glass Pear Shaped Perfume Bottle sold on for $50.00.

Lionel Barrymore Prints

The man above is Lionel Barrymore. You have probably heard the name Barrymore before. The Barrymore's are a famous family comprised of actors and actresses. Lionel was an actor from most of his life. Lionel was born in 1878 and died in 1954 of a heart attack. Most people know him from A Free Soul, It's A Wonderful Life or Young Dr. Kildare, most people didn't know he was an artist.

This is a print of Barrymore's "The Old Boat Works." The original was drawn by Barrymore in his studio in Los Angeles. It is valued from $10 - 200 based on condition and framing.

This is Barrymore's "Point Pleasant." The original was drawn sometime in the 1950s and currently prints are selling on for $129.95

This is a faint photograph of Lionel Barrymore's signature which he signed on both pieces.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Homco Dog Figurines

This is a Homco German Shepard figurine. It has a pair which is a Shetland sheepdog. Homco produced pairs of dog figurines in 5+ breeds. Any of the Homco Dog Figures sell for $4-8.

"Matchbox" Series No 12

This is a "Matchbox" Series No 12, Setra Coach. They were made in 1970 in England by the Lensney Products & Co LTD. The one pictured above is currently on The seller is asking $39.99. Most Setra Coach "Matchboxes" sell from $20 - $40 based on condition. The bus came in different colors but the most common is yellow.