Friday, April 19, 2013

Just For Me And Mary ('Twas A Beautiful Wedding Day) Sheet Music

I picked a whole bunch of old sheet music like this up on April 18th, 2013. This one was my favorite. It's called Just For Me And Mary ('Twas A Beautiful Wedding Day). The words were written by Grant Clarke and Howard E. Rodgers. The music was written by Leo Edwards. It was printed in 1919 making it almost 100 years old. It came a long way. It was printed by the McCarthy & Fisher (INC) Music Publishers. There company was on 224 W. 46th St in New York. The one thing I found very interesting was the fact that it was stamped "Gimmel Music House 14 E. San Antonio St. San Jose ....." But you can't see the rest. You can see this in picture 3. Another cool thing about it is that in the bottom right corner of the cover it says "This Number is to be has on all...." then it continues with " Phonograph Records and Music Rolls" ....."Ask Your Dealer." I assume it once had a record on music roll but it's long gone. It doesn't have separate sheets of music only the ones you see on picture 4. It is one big piece of paper folded in half. You can see the back cover in picture four has some  music on it to another song that you could probably get with it. Now it has some damage some spots you can see in picture 4 towards the bottom and it's rough. It has some rips and scratches but I think that gives it character. It would be a cool piece to frame and hand up or use the music itself.


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